My TED talk is live!

By aomawa

10 comments on “My TED talk is live!

  1. Beautiful and inspiring talk, Aomawa! I like the way you were able to synthesize everything in a short amount of time and make it so accessible and interesting. My only complaint is that it leaves one even more curious about your work, but that can only be a good thing. As a woman of contradictions, myself, I can also appreciate the interconnections between art and science. I think that they only seem different because the evolution of knowledge has obliged us to focus on increasingly narrower and more specific areas of science or whatever, but as we learn more about everything, it becomes more apparent that everything is connected and really just the same thing! Again, amazing delivery, congrats!

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  2. Wonderful Ted talk I wish there had been s question and answer section

    I saw how emotional you got toward the end I see how your rising star girl foundation is really where your heart and passion live. Remember that. You are beautiful because of your contradictions. And your contradictions are your strength. Love


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  3. Looked you up after watching your TED talk and I have to say that I am so thrilled to see an African American woman in the sciences. I am a woman with a whole range of obscure and seemingly contradictory interests pursuing a STEM field too. Your talk really spoke to me. Thank you so much for the ending: it was so poignant.


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