The Rising Stargirls Teaching Handbook is here!


The Rising Stargirls Teaching and Activity Handbook is out and available for download!

Rising Stargirls is committed to the idea that there is no one way to be a scientist.

By integrating creative strategies such as free writing, visual art, and theater exercises, we have created a new, innovative astronomy curriculum that addresses each girl as a whole by providing an avenue for individual self-expression and personal exploration that is interwoven with scientific engagement and discovery.

All of the activities used in Rising Stargirls workshops, plus educator resources and a suggested structure for workshops are provided in this manual.  It is meant for use it in classrooms and informal learning environments anywhere in the world.

Many of these activities come from other programs. Others were created by us. You can use whichever activities are most useful to you, depending on the time available, size of the group of girls that you are working with, and the individual interests of the group. They are created for middle-school girls, ages 10-15. If you use them with high-school age girls, you may want to adjust some of the activities accordingly.

Enjoy and share widely!

For more information about Rising Stargirls programming, visit the Rising Stargirls website.


By aomawa

2 comments on “The Rising Stargirls Teaching Handbook is here!

  1. This is great! the future is female and your handbook culminates in a way to stand on the horizon ! Thanks so much! Are you familiar with the site Beast of Reason? Your work should be posted there. I will investigate. I am so proud of you!!


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